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Your Partner in End-to-End Test Solutions

Genuen delivers the critical test data you need across the entire development lifecycle. From project design and system implementation to test integration and validation, we guide you through every phase, ensuring your products meet the highest standards. Our expertise spans diverse industries, helping you innovate and excel in mission-critical applications.

Custom Test Equipment

Ensure your component performs as expected under real-world conditions by deploying state-of-the-art platforms, from hardware-in-the-loop test systems to full-scale electromechanical test cells.  By custom designing systems to simulate a wide range of scenarios, we help you close the gap between theoretical design and practical application.

Systems Engineering

Whether you're designing avionics, automotive components, or hydraulic systems, the foundation for success is the same.  We offer tailored systems-engineering solutions that address the unique challenges of aerospace, automotive, and national labs teams, verifying your designs meet rigorous safety and performance standards from the outset.

NVIDIA point cluster - blue and orange


Multi-Decade Problem Solved!

What if you could share data across multi-vendor real-time systems with your existing ethernet network within 5 microseconds?

Collaboration for Enhanced Efficiency

Integration requires diverse fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and other specialized areas working together to achieve a common goal. This ensures that all subsystems and components operate cohesively, enhancing performance, efficiency, and reliability.

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Requirements Development

Collaborate to define testable requirements and maximize coverage.

Test Systems

Physical Test Systems

Develop ATE, HIL, dyno, and fluid power test systems to evaluate your component.


Regulatory Compliance

Augment your functional safety practices to comply with DO-178C, ISO 26262, etc.

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Military Plane



Avionics and actuation R&D support for established platforms and new concepts.

Electric Vehicle



Vehicle ECU and powertrain development support for today and tomorrow.

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National Labs

solutions for emerging Defense and Energy technologies.

Genuen Blog


BLOG_How to Achieve Low-Latency Real-Time   Distributed Test Execution_Featured

How to Achieve Low-Latency Real-Time Distributed Test Execution

Learn how Genuen's REPLICA solution revolutionizes distributed testing with scalable low-latency, real-time data exchange. Avoid vendor lock-in & expensive hardware.


How to Reduce the Chances of Project Failure through Modeling

Poor communication and incomplete requirements are two of the most common causes of project failure. Discover how modeling can reduce the rate of failure.


Building a Scalable Software Architecture-1

Building a Scalable Software Architecture

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at Test Deck, a proven approach to developing software architecture for testing that is scalable, extensible, cost-saving, and time-saving.

Genuens Role in Transforming the Transportation Industry Through Hyperloop_Featured

Hyperloop and The Challenge of Complying with Standards that Don’t Exist Yet

Learn how to design your hyperloop system proactively, despite lacking an existing regulatory authority to establish standards for safety and functionality.

Compliant Testing for Automotive Functional Safety Feature Image

Three Tips to Comply with Key Aspects of ISO 26262

Compliance to strict functional safety standards, such as ISO 26262, is challenging. In this blog post, we’re sharing three tips to help ensure compliance.

V diagram

How Experience with DO-178 Translates to Other Industries

Genuen's experience in designing test cases and equipment to meet strict regulatory standards, like aero's DO-178, translates to other industries.

Integrate Your Aerospace Eletromechanical Actuator Physical Testing and HIL Simulation_Featured

Integrate Your Aerospace Eletromechanical Actuator Physical Testing and HIL Simulation

Discover how you can expedite your switch to more electric aircraft (MEA) with integrated physical testing and HIL for electromechanical actuators.

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