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Welcome to Genuen.

In 2020, Industry leaders in test came together to form Genuen – a company that develops innovative simulation environments and test solutions for mission-critical software, mechanical, and fluid power applications.

Hundreds of global product developers and manufacturers have trusted us to help solve complex technology challenges, especially in highly regulated industries over the last 30 years. We understand the rigorous challenges and requirements you face with every project.

With Genuen, you get a partner. Our team of experienced and passionate engineers comes alongside you to deliver the actionable data you need to maximize confidence, improve time-to-market, and increase margins.

Jeff Gray, CEO


Test Solutions

Today’s products contain highly integrated software and hardware systems with intricate subsystems.

Genuen works in and across your systems and toolchains, orchestrating a consistent, informative, actionable suite of test data throughout the entire process.

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Requirements Development

Work together to define requirements that will produce the data you need.

Test Systems

Physical Test Systems

Develop hydraulic, dynamometer, HIL, and custom test systems.

Test Strategy

Test as a Service

Get quality test data without the overhead using TaaS.


Regulatory Compliance

Augment your test practices to achieve critical compliance.

Expert Solutions Across Industries

Comprehensive test solutions for government prime contractors and leading Fortune 500 companies in highly regulated vertical industries.
Military Plane


Solutions for suppliers, manufacturers, OEMs, and new developments.


National Security

Mission-critical solutions for America's warfighters.

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Turnkey test for R&D of tomorrow's vehicles.


Ground Transportation

Real-world simulation for components and systems.


Medical Devices

Test and regulatory solutions for life-sustaining technology.


Translating Experience from Aerospace to Other Industries

Despite the apparent differences between aerospace, railroad, and automotive technologieS, there are significant similarities in designing test equipment to meet functional safety standards for both industries.

Learn how Genuen's experience in developing test equipment to meet strict aerospace standards like DO-178 translates to standards and compliance testing in other industries.



Translating Aerospace Experience Cover Mockup | Genuen

End-to-End Test Solutions

Complex products and intricate subsystems demand streamlined test.

How Hardware- In-The-Loop Testing  Can Keep up with  Fast-Paced Innovation
white paper
White paper

How HIL Testing Can Keep up with Fast-Paced Innovation

With the technology boom of the last decade, the race for first to market has never been more apparent. Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) testing can speed up the R&D process without sacrificing accuracy, while keeping testing costs down.

Acceptance  Testing  Procedures for Aerospace Hydraulic Components
white paper
White paper

Acceptance Testing Procedures for Aerospace Hydraulic Components

The proper testing of each component during development is especially crucial for in-flight critical applications. Explore options available to manufacturers for performing these types of tests. 
How To Purchase A Test System Without A Requirements Document
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White paper

How To Purchase a Test System Without A Requirement Document

Traditionally, companies must provide a detailed statement of requirements before the test solutions provider can quote a fixed-fee scope of work. Is it possible to begin work on a test system without knowing all the specifications in advance?

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