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Solutions for Anything that Flies

Whether you're an airframe manufacturer or business jet component OEM, a prime defense contractor, or in R&D for the developing urban air mobility (UAM) sector, Genuen helps develop future proof test solutions and Intelligent Technology Insertion™ upgrades to existing systems to keep pace with the platforms they support.

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Aerospace Suppliers

For Tier 1 and Tier 2 aerospace suppliers looking to expand production capacity or extend the life of existing test solutions, Genuen provides test system design and test application development expertise to be able to insert instrumentation and develop software interfaces seamlessly.

Military Plane


Airframe and Weapons Platforms

For airframe manufacturers, Genuen brings experience in developing test solutions for verification and validation in accordance with regulatory standards. For Defense Primes with DOD contracts, our SBA status, and proven ability to manage ITAR data and navigate controlled environments is a force multiplier.

eVTOL and Space


Space Launch and eVTOL

For new products in developing sectors, such as reusable launch vehicles and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, Genuen's experience with development standards and their application to rapid development processes to prepare for design qualification and acceptance testing.

Development, Design, Fabrication

To meet qualification and certification requirements


Test Requirements Development for Validation and Verification

Including DO-178B/C, DO-254

HIL Preconfigured Systems

Model-in-the-Loop (MIL), Software-in-the-Loop (SIL), and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test Solutions

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Electrical Mechanical Test Systems

Test Strategy

Project Planning and Management

Fluid Power

Fluid Power Test Systems

Tool Qualification Solutions

Tool Qualification


Embedded Software and System Testing

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Real Time Software and FPGA Development


Data Collection, Management, and Analytics

Developing System and Sub System Integration Test Rigs

Developing Systems and Sub-System Integration Test Rigs for Aerospace Applications

Explore the specific challenges that aerospace OEMs face when developing new aerospace systems for commercial, military, UAM, and space systems. Learn how to develop the test solutions you need to validate these systems before integrating them into the aircraft.


Aerospace Experience

Learn more about our services for aerospace and defense by checking out these case studies and project examples

Turbine Engine Dynamometer

Turbine Engine Dynamometers

Dream Chaser Model

Flight Control Simulation System for the Dream Chaser® Spacecraft

Thrust Reversing Actuator Test System

Thrust Reversing Actuator Test System

TFM Landing Gear Controller

TFM Landing Gear Controller

Hydraulic System Integration Test Rigs (HSITR)

Hydraulic System Integration Test Rigs (HSITR)

Two Station Impulse Tester

Impulse Testers

High-Force Linear Actuator Test Stand

High-Force Linear Actuator Test Stand with INERTIA and PXI

Fuel Level Sensor Test Station

Fuel Level Sensor

Avionics Test System Model

Avionics Test Systems

Hydraulic Valve Test Stand

Hydraulic Valve Test Stand

Pump Test Stand

Pump Test Stand

Iron Bird System

System and Subsystem Integration Test Rigs

Bubble Point Test Sink

Bubble Point Testers

Cargo Door Actuators and Latch Mechanisms

Cargo Door Actuators and Latch Mechanisms

Translating Aerospace Experience Cover Mockup | Genuen

Translating Experience from Aerospace to Other Industries

Learn how Genuen's experience translates to the development of test equipment to meet strict standards like DO-178, and how that applies to standards and compliance testing in other industries. The expertise of compliance lies in understanding the applicable processes; and in setting the project up for success in each phase through careful planning, execution, and attention to detail.



Real-Time Control Software for Test Systems

INERTIA™ is a highly configurable automation software for real-time control, data acquisition, and test applications that enables test, manufacturing, and R&D engineers and scientists to quickly and easily develop, configure, and operate test cell systems using a configuration-based software application.

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