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National Security

Serving the Needs of America's Warfighters

Genuen supplies expertise in engineering products, systems and services to advance some of our country’s fundamental national security technology capabilities and protect our warfighters. Our team includes nationally recognized subject matter experts in requirements traceability, motion control test systems, software quality assurance processes and applications, analog and digital test automation systems, and RF sensors and systems.

M9 ACE Vehicle


Requirements and Program Architecture

Aided by our SBA status and proven ability to manage ITAR and controlled data, Genuen's direct experience supporting design agencies with product development in accordance with strict standards helps you define program architecture for new products. 

Engineering Lab


Development and Production

U.S. Government production agencies that must adhere to strict regulations, such as M 1.27 and DOE Order 414.1, benefit from Genuen's extensive experience in developing test case scenarios and test equipment designed for qualification and acceptance testing.

Aircraft Carrier


Surveillance and Sustainment

Genuen's experience consulting throughout the product development cycle allows us to keep an eye toward the future of your products with careful surveillance of field-installed systems. As products age, we help with sustainment activities and life extension programs.

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A Total Lifecycle Approach

Using common architecture and infrastructure from development through production, surveillance, and sustainment.

Extended Voltage Range Adapter (EVA)

Extended Voltage Range Adapters

The EVA Series from Genuen features 8-channel data acquisition modules for the NI FlexRIO platform that natively supports differential input signals up to ±300V. Combined with the NI FlexRIO FPGA card and a PXI chassis, the EVA Solutions offer a capable and cost effective approach enabling the configuration of high performance data acquisition systems with extended voltage range coverage quickly and easily. The EVA Solutions provide 8 channels of high resolution, extended voltage range inputs, scalability with PXI and PXI Express, and a fully programmable FPGA. The default configuration includes simultaneous real-time data correction delivering integral linearity performance better than 0.1% across the entire signal input range. Leveraging the FlexRIO architecture, every channel can be independently programmed.


Translating Aerospace Experience from Aerospace to Other Industries_Mockup

Translating Experience from Aerospace to Other Industries

Learn how Genuen's experience in the development of test equipment to meet strict standards like DO-178 translates to standards and compliance testing in other industries. The expertise of compliance lies in understanding the applicable processes; and in setting the project up for success in each phase through careful planning, execution, and attention to detail.


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