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Industry: Construction
Application: INERTIA, Control and Data Acquisition


Genuen Challenge - Blue The Challenge

Lehigh University embarked on a challenging mission: developing and testing a seismic-resistant family of self-centering (SC) steel frame systems that could withstand the current design basis earthquake (DBE) without incurring damage.




Figure 1. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) damper testing actuators controlled by INERTIATM


Genuen Background - Blue Background

Situated at the forefront of seismic research, Lehigh University leveraged its Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS) research center, a cornerstone of the US National Science Foundation’s Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES).

Conventional earthquake-resistant steel frame systems often succumb to structural damage and inelastic deformations during earthquakes. In response, Lehigh University sought to pioneer an innovative technology - SC steel frame systems - engineered to avert damage and deformations, elevating seismic resilience to unprecedented levels.


Genuen - Solution The Solution

Genuen's solution involved deploying our INERTIA test software and National Instruments hardware to construct a robust control and data acquisition (DAQ) system.  This system handled servo-hydraulics control, data collection, and high-speed model execution.  The primary focus was to delve into the seismic behavior of large-scale structural components, structural sub-assemblies, and super-assemblies (systems).


Edward A. Tomlinson, from Lehigh University, emphasized the uniqueness of INERTIA, stating:

“I’ve been working in the field of data acquisition and control for over 25 years. INERTIA is the only control package that offers this level of customization. The straightforward programming methodology, combined with the ability to completely customize your control application, makes INERTIA a perfect fit for the research environment.”


The solution not only met the research requirements but elevated the customization and control standards in seismic research.





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