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Genuen has extensive experience designing and building custom test equipment for Aircraft and Aerospace doors, latches, locks, actuators and associated mechanisms.  This experience includes both manual and automatic actuated doors and all associated components.  Our systems can include both loaded and unloaded testing and may include both short term performance testing (ATP) or long term durability and reliability. 

Testers used for repair, MRO or replacement parts periodically need to be redesigned to update their capability and sure that they won’t succumb to obsolescence. These testers can often automate or reduce operator interaction and reduce test time or test variability.  They can often be designed with interchangeable fixtureing to allow a range of different parts to be tested on a single system.

A basic tester may consist of an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic loading device and a high precision linear displacement transducer.  These systems can reproduce load profiles seen during opening, closing or static conditions.  Some testers interface with the part using CAN or ARINC communications while others are fully analog.  These systems can test complete assemblies or components such as the latch mechanism.  More complex testers incorporate temperature, vibration, ultimate load and other sensor measurements.   Upon test completion complete viewable and printable reports can be generated as required.

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Cargo Door Actuators and Latch Mechanisms

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