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Genuen's dynamic and fatigue test systems provide extensive capabilities in testing automotive, biomedical, industrial and aerospace components. Whether your testing includes linear loading, rotational torque or various combinations, our versatile control system design based on our INERTIATM test automation software makes Genuen's test systems ideal for your testing environment.

Our dynamic and fatigue test systems feature:

  • INERTIA test automation software
  • Flexible and customizable user interface
  • Wide range of system sizes
  • Linear or rotational loading configurations available
  • Support for numerous sensors
  • Expandable control axes and channel counts
  • Single or multi-axis configurations

Our dynamic and fatigue test system capabilities range from single axis load frames to multi-axis, synchronized load simulation.

Some of our common applications include:

  • Shock Absorber and Damper Testing Systems
  • Steering Gear Durability Testing Systems
  • Material Testing Systems
  • Seat Fatigue and Durability Testing Systems
  • Hydraulic Seal Test Systems

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