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When coupled with our INERTIATM test automation software, our engine dynos allow virtually any engine configuration to be tested along with all support systems, suchas emissions, blow-by, fuel, and cooling system. Our systems also allow model-based control for complete vehicle and environment simulation within the test cell. 


Genuen's engine dynamometers feature:

  • Complete vehicle and environment simulation, including vehicle inertia, shifting, braking, windage, and terrain
  • Real-time, model-based control and standard PID control capabilities
  • Integrated engine test cell automation, engine control, dynamometer control, and data acquisition
  • Full road-load profile simulation along with standard torque and speed control
  • Integrated transmission fluid conditioning control
  • Integrated engine fuel conditioning control
  • Integrated engine cooling and intercooler systems with heat rejection measurement
  • Integration with numerous loading devices, including eddy current absorbers, AC/DC motors, water brakes, and friction brakes
  • CAN and LIN bus support for control and monitoring with custom communication busses available
  • Integrated high-speed data acquisition, data logging, alarming, and calculations
  • Intuitive and flexible INERTIA test automation software and GUI


What is a Dynamometer?

The fundamentals of dynamometer systems. Learn about the different types, control system considerations, and common measurements.


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