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Our pump and motor test systems utilize the latest technologies to provide precise control of drive speeds, pressure regulation and load control.

Whether you are testing a coolant pump or a high-pressure aerospace pump, our test systems provide a valuable solution to your testing needs.

Our pump and motor test systems feature:

  • Precise control of RPM, torque or pressure
  • High speed >10,000 RPM
  • High pressure >10,000 PSI
  • Static or dynamic loading
  • Analysis capabilities including ripple pressure, rated flow, rated torque, contamination, and response time
  • Support for various oils (ATF, Phosphate Ester based, red oils, etc.)
  • Hot and cold testing with chiller and chamber integration
  • Flexible testing modes from fully automated production test to manual diagnostic testing
  • Automated report generation and database integration

Learn about key concerns and trends with test cell applications, along with best practices and recommendations for how to solve them. Download Now.

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