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The TFM Landing Gear Controller uses our INERTIATM test automation software, LabVIEW™ Real-Time and National Instruments SCXI/PXI to test aircraft landing gear systems.

The landing gear is mounted to an overhead carriage secured to the fixture base. The carriage includes a hydraulic actuator to apply a vertical load on the landing gear section, and is instrumented with over 200 strain gauges to measure the applied load. The tarmac section is mounted to linear slides on top of the fixture base and driven by a hydraulic actuator. The system performs real-time control of both the tarmac section and hydraulic-loaded carriage to control and acquire data on the landing gear system as it moves down the tarmac. The system consists of over 300 channels of I/O including 203 strain/load inputs.

TFM Landing Gear Controller


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