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Tire companies must produce a product known for high quality, longevity, and energy efficiency while also offering high performance under a wide range of different conditions and use cases. As a result, the production, testing, and validation of tires is one of the most important and competitive areas of automotive component testing.

In fact, tire companies invest a high percentage of their development budget on testing to ensure they meet the requirements of a demanding customer base as well as extensive government regulations. In addition, testing must be performed to demonstrate the durability of each tire to ensure they continue to meet the life-cycle claims for their various products.


Choose Your Level of Customization

Genuen specializes in making flexible and cost-effective tire test equipment for automotive, aerospace, off-highway, and other ground transportation vehicles. Our systems range from turnkey solutions like landing gear drop test systems for the aerospace industry, to custom solutions like controls upgrades for mileage accumulation stands used by the automotive industry.

These testers are built and customized to each end user’s requirements and often incorporate proprietary IP owned by the customer. Our open-ended systems are ideal for both standard and customized tests, setup, configuration, and test execution are developed to conform to your existing test processes, maximizing productivity.


Optimize Legacy Systems to Save Cost

Older test systems that contain mechanical subsystems still able to execute the required tests can often benefit from new controls and modernized data collection system. Updating the software, sensors, and controls on these stands is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing all new equipment. Genuen also has extensive experience in this type of test cell modernization.


Tire Test Experience You Can Count On

Genuen has developed and deployed systems for most of the major tire manufacturers in the United States. Companies continually choose Genuen because:

  • We can create custom turnkey systems or provide control and data acquisition system retrofits on existing equipment.
  • Our engineers have extensive expertise with rotational and hydraulic engineering disciplines. that are commonly used in both static and dynamic tire testing applications.
  • We use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools for greater customization and adaptability.
  • Our INERTIATM test system automation software allows for easy test schedule flexibility.


Types of Tire Testers

We design high-performance data acquisition and control systems that can monitor tire pressure and temperature, apply road loads, measure rolling resistance, and more. Common past projects include:

  • Mileage accumulation
  • Tread evaluation
  • Sidewall loading
  • High-speed durability testing
  • Dynamic impact testing
  • Endurance testers
  • Drop testers
  • Radial fatigue
  • Rolling resistance
  • Turn-angle machines
  • Department of Transportation (DoT) testing
  • R&D prototyping testing
  • Production audit stands
  • TPMS Sensors and Systems


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