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Applying our deep expertise in servo-hydraulic and real-time control as well as test and data acquisition, we address complex, time-critical energy challenges -- from wind turbines and reusable power systems to electric and hybrid vehicles.

Core application areas include:

With our combination of manufacturing technology and industry experience, we develop world-class automated test equipment, control systems, and data monitoring for energy applications in research and development, laboratory, and final production. For example, our wind turbine test solutions span everything from structural testing to life cycle durability to control and simulation of subsystems.

Our industry background encompasses:

  • Hardware-in-the-loop and model-in-the-loop simulation systems for control system development
  • Servo-hydraulic control and data acquisition systems
  • Dynamometer control and data acquisition systems
  • Real-time control and data acquisition
  • Turbine engine and component test cell integration

In addition to specialty machines, we offer complete systems integration, automated test systems, machinery and controls modernization, and software applications development.

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Industrial Waste Heat Converts into Reusable Energy

Improving the quality of wind turbines is a critical step in making the large-scale adoption of wind power into reality. In order to succeed, wind energy companies must produce systems and components with reliable performance and low maintenance. WTI specializes in building hardware and software test solutions that can help you simulate real-world conditions,control wind turbine subsystems, and identify defects before deployment.

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