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The WTI engineering team has diverse, hands-on experience in test equipment design, production assembly, and test systems for industrial and commercial solutions. Past solutions have crossed a diverse set of industrial systems, from pick-and-place assembly (or goods assembly) to process automation. 

Our past projects include:

Engineering Disciplines

Our engineering staff combines years of experience in various engineering disciplines to provide a solution for virtually any testing requirement. From the integration of complex test systems to simple fixtures and gauges, our expertise helps meet today’s stringent design and quality requirements.

From Concept to Build

Depending on requirements, we have the ability to take on any portion of a project or complete projects from concept to build. To ensure successful implementation, in addition to customer run-off at our facility, we offer on-site start-up and support. We match each physical test system with state-of-the-art controls, from simple, open-loop PC- or PLC-based controls, to embedded real-time systems using the latest innovations in control and instrumentation.

Software Solutions

The heart of any good control system is its application software. Whether a custom NI LabVIEW application to meet a specific requirement or our proven INERTIA control and automation software, our solutions provide an intuitive, highly flexible test environment and overall capabilities previously unattainable at these cost points.

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Impulse Testers

WTI builds top-of-the-line impulse test rigs for life cycle durability testing of hydraulic equipment and components in the aerospace, defense, industrial, and off-highway industries. Our expertise in embedded real-time control applications makes it possible to create impulse test stands with higher frequencies and pulse profiles with greater accuracy than other integrators.

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Engine Hot Test

As a premier engineering firm that supplies custom test equipment, WTI delivers cost-effective and highly configurable engine hot test stands for major OEMs and engine component manufacturers. Unlike proprietary, locked down solutions, we use commercial off-the-self (COTS) hardware and software to create reliable, state of the art engine test cells with easily replaceable or upgradable components while achieving best in class functionality.

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