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WP 3D Cover_RDMA-based Reflective MemoryLow-Latency Networks - The Missing Link in Distributed Real-Time Simulation

As advanced technologies proliferate, testing them requires distributing models and controllers across multiple hardware systems. But sharing data between these nodes with microsecond latency remains an obstacle.

In this white paper, learn how remote direct memory access (RDMA) and reflective memory concepts can be combined to create a breakthrough networking solution for distributed real-time simulation.

Topics covered include:

  • The promise and limitations of reflective memory for low-latency data sharing

  • How RDMA provides remote memory access without CPU involvement

  • Leveraging RDMA to enable a reflective memory network in star topology

  • Avoiding single points of failure with RDMA broadcast protocols

  • Experimental results demonstrating sub-100 microsecond performance

  • Paths to further optimize and compress network traffic

Genuen proposes an innovative open architecture that harnesses commodity hardware for a universal reflective memory abstraction. One that finally delivers the speed and scalability needed for multi-node testing of advanced systems.

Read this paper for an in-depth look at how RDMA makes reflective memory truly viable for distributed real-time simulation. And why this technology holds the key to overcoming the real-time data sharing roadblock.

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