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Compliant Testing for Automotive Functional Safety Cover_3DHow to Comply with Key Aspects of ISO 26262

While there are currently no federal mandates requiring compliance with the ISO 26262 functional safety standard for automobiles in the US, the financial risk of functional safety violations is driving many of the automakers to self-regulate with more rigorous methods of ensuring that appropriate levels of functional safety are achieved. One document published with the intent to provide a basis for regulating the functional safety of electrical and electronic systems installed in passenger vehicles is ISO 26262 “Road Vehicles–Functional Safety.”

One of the greatest challenges of ISO 26262 is that the comprehensive standard clearly outlines the process objectives and the types of activities and artifacts that need to be developed, but it does not necessarily provide a prescriptive approach for how to prove compliance.

In this white paper, we’ll share with you how you can ensure compliance with key aspects of ISO 26262, focusing on testing and test-related processes and documentation throughout your entire product development cycle.

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