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Rapid II

The Rapid II Test Cell Controller is an integrated, multi-loop control and data acquisition system for test cell applications, designed to provide maximum performance at an affordable price. Rapid II combines the latest in digital control technology with off-the-shelf hardware to produce one of the industry's most powerful, flexible and advanced controllers at a cost-effective price. This high-speed, 4-channel PID controller includes ample I/O to act both as a system controller and a data acquisition system, reducing overall system cost and complexity. Designed for integrators, OEMs, and DIYers, these systems can be configured to fit your needs with little upfront costs and minimal risk while benefiting from a stable, powerful platform.

Common Applications

Hydraulic Test Systems

Servo Hydraulic Test Cells

test cell

Driveline Test Cells

Dynamometer Systems

Dynamometer Test Cells


Component Test Cells


The 19” 5U rack-mount turnkey solution is well-suited for engineers looking to replace legacy controllers, or to add features to existing systems, including:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality with quick installation and easy configuration

  • Deterministic performance and reliability provided by the power of an FPGA

  • Easy connectivity and wiring to I/O, safety circuits, and various signal conditioning options

  • Extensive software capabilities including easy, user-configurable screens, flexible control settings, test profile creation, and data logging

  • Cost-efficient, open-source solutions for multi-axis control and data acquisition




Each Rapid II controller comes with standard, preconfigured I/O and a desktop computer preloaded with INERTIA™ control software. Features include:

  • 4-axis test cell controller with 2 kHz digital PID loop closure

  • 19” 5U rack-mount enclosure

  • Wide variety of preconfigured I/O including 8 analog inputs, 16 digital inputs, and 16 digital outputs

  • I/O accessible via D-Sub connectors

  • Operator desktop computer preloaded with INERTIA™ control software and examples

  • Software features extensive user configuration options with flexible control settings, test profile creation, configurable alarms, definable user interfaces, data acquisition, and reporting functions 

  • Emergency stop button and connectivity to safety circuits

  • Ribbon cable connectors that provide expansion options for signal conditioning backplanes, digital I/O, TTL level I/O, and other connectivity products

Download the Rapid II Controller data sheet to learn more.


3D Top 4 ways to use RAPID

Top 4 Ways to Use Rapid II

The Rapid II controller is a complete data acquisition and control solution geared toward smaller, less complex test cell applications. In this paper, we discuss four real-world examples where Rapid II is well-suited as a turnkey test cell controller.


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